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Our Story

Our mission at The Dance Compound is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique experience in which the student can grow both mentally and physically as a dancer. Our highly trained and certified instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines.

Here at The Dance Compound, we have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer. Are you ready to get up and move? Contact us today to learn more about our studio.


Meet the Team


Kelsea Fitzpatrick

Studio Director

What started out as a hobby, at the age of 3, quickly became a life-long passion of dance, performance and choreography. Kelsea’s dance background consists of 15+ years of extensive training at various
studios and programs around Calgary, including accreditations in
ADAPT and RAD syllabi. Kelsea’s dance experiences have taken her around the world, such as London, Australia, New York, Florida,
Mexico and Los Angeles. 
Kelsea completed her Chemical Engineering degree at
Queen’s University. During her time at school, Kelsea danced with and was co-captain of the Queen’s Competitive Dance Team,
where she played a crucial role in the Team’s two major
collegiate championship wins.
Upon Kelsea’s return to Calgary, she became heavily involved with a local non-profit dance company, En Corps Dance Collective.
As En Corps’ Artistic Director and Producer, Kelsea was able to guide the company’s most successful performances in recent years.
Alongside her non-profit work, Kelsea has been a prominent dance instructor in the Calgary area for 11+ years. Kelsea’s vision, musicality, and innovative movement patterns have made her a sought-after instructor, mentor and choreographer
in the Calgary dance community.


Emily Neuheimer


On the spiritual journey, it is said that there are many paths up the mountain. Emily's paths follow the ways of yoga, qigong,

meditation and tai chi. Discipline and consistency are key

so you learn to change the world by changing the self. 

Emily teaches Classical Hatha Yoga, a traditional style of yoga with strong emphasis on safety, breathing and a meditative flow. She is also a certified Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Entrainment Yoga teacher. 

She often blends her yoga teachings with qigong exercises, rooted in Daoist, Medical, Wushu, and Energy Cultivation traditions. She continues to study with teachers who are

inspired by their own practice in order to expand her 

knowledge and capacity within her teaching.

More formally, Emily trained at Prana Yoga College

and is a member of the Yoga Alliance,

E-RYT500 and YACEP, offering continuing education

opportunities for fellow members.


Megan Daniels


Megan Daniels was born in Saskatoon and came to Calgary 8 years ago to pursue a career as a professional contemporary and ballet dancer. After dancing with several small companies throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, she decided to

venture into teaching and fell in love with it right away.

From a young teenager until her early 20's, she was fortunate to train professionally at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and spent a few years dancing as an aspirant with the RWB company. It was during

those years that she realized that movement and dance are her life and she now feels so lucky that she is able to make her living

teaching these things to others.

Megan fell in love with the people and energy of Calgary as soon as she got here and now works full-time as a ballet, yoga and barre

instructor in the city. She is delighted to be a part of The Dance Compound faculty and pass along her love of ballet to the eager young dancers of The Dance Compound!

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Sydney Suffron


Coming soon!